ERISA Collection

Fringe benefits – health coverage, pension and 401-K contributions, Apprenticeship and Training Funds, to name a few – are an important part of an employee’s compensation package.  Nothing is more frustrating than to learn that these benefits are “unfunded,” that is the employer has not paid contributions due into the funds on behalf of the hard working employees entitled to benefits.

Multi-employer funds have specific provisions to protect employee’s rights to collect those contributions from employers and we have been collecting those contributions on behalf of Multi-employer funds for over 30 years.  Whether the lack of payment is disclosed by a fund audit or an employee’s report, our attorneys can enforce the fund’s rights under ERISA and the LMRA and collect the monies due to the Funds if any are to be found.

If employers are suffering hardship and simply need to work out arrangements to pay contributions due, our attorneys work hard to assure that an employer meets its obligations but is not put out of business in the process – protecting jobs for hardworking employees wherever possible.

Linda Larkin has been working for Trust Funds for over 30 years.  She turns to Aruna Masih and Talia Stoessel for assistance and Mike Morris is working on the behalf of the Trust Funds in the 9th Circuit to pursue Funds rights.  Linda has spoken at the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Annual Conference on collection of fringe benefit contributions.