Family Law

Perhaps no area of law affects us as personally and emotionally as family law. Experience and up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of relevant state laws are essential – and with our long, respected history in the field we bring that. But we understand that sensitivity is just as important – we offer support and compassionate counsel during your difficult time. We are here to help you make the best long term decisions for yourself and your children.

The areas of family law in which we have long, successful experience are:

  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships (unmarried relationships)
  • Modifications
  • Custody & parenting time (visitation)
  • Child and spousal support
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Contempt issues (enforcement) 
  • Interstate Disputes
  • Mediation
  • Reference judging
  • Collaborative law

We recognize that each of our clients has different needs, objectives, and goals. Our attorneys are committed to helping our clients realize their goals and address their needs and options, including traditional litigation, collaborative law (explained below) and other alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation. We also work to help clients establish reasonable goals and objectives, make informed decisions, and solve problems practically. We can and will offer cost effective solutions to cause less disruption to your family and get you the support your need to move on. We offer services in both Oregon and Washington.

Collaborative Law

Because the best solutions to family issues are often resolutions in which both parties feel that their needs are met, we offer this effective way of moving forward that fosters mutually satisfactory, long-lasting solutions while avoiding the costs – both emotional and monetary – of court.

Developed by lawyers, mental health professionals and mediators, collaborative law is a cooperative process through which the people who are divorcing exchange information, get professional advice, and work together to maximize financial and emotional benefits for everyone.

How Does it Work?

Both persons commit in writing to resolve dissolution issues (parenting time, residence, child support, property division, and spousal support) without going to court. Each agrees to openly exchange information and to freely provide all necessary documentation on time.

The attorneys agree to provide a safe environment and enlist accountants, financial planners, mental health professionals and mediators as needed to help prepare and guide the parties, as well as to offer communication skills designed to work after separation or divorce.

Each person continues to be advised by their own independent attorney, with the goal of ensuring a level playing field and arriving at the best possible results for the entire family.

Why It Works So Well

The parties agree to take personal responsibility for their outcome rather than leave the outcome up to third parties – the attorneys and court system; the process is collaborative, not adversarial.

Parties don’t pay for endless legalities, such as motions, depositions, subpoenas and hearings. Instead, they receive useful financial planning, tax advice, and counseling for the parties and the children, as needed.

Ultimately, the goal of a divorce, despite its difficulties, is to set both parties on a course towards successful lives, and if there are children, to smooth their emotionally healthy transition to two single parent homes, or blended families.

Please call us for more information on collaborative law. We are happy to be able to offer this path to our clients.