Wage & Hour

It can be frustrating when you work long hours for an employer only to find out on payday that you were not paid what you are owed. Who do you turn to?

If compensation is owed to you we will help you get it. In addition to your pay, you may be entitled late payment penalties and attorney fees. We have a long history of recovering money owed to workers by employers – whether for overtime, contract wages, pensions, or other benefits. We represent both individuals and classes of workers with wage and hour issues.

Wage and hour laws can be complex. For instance, although in general an employee who works more than forty hours in a week is entitled to overtime pay at one and half times the normal hourly rate, a number of occupations are exempt from the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Or an employee might be misclassified as exempt when, in fact, his or her job duties entitle them to overtime. Sometimes employers are legitimately mistaken and the underpayment is an error. Sometimes, however, employers intentionally misclassify workers as exempt or contract labor, or use week-to- week “hours averaging” ploys to avoid overtime or even minimum wage payments. This crime is known as wage theft, but unfortunately police have no way of enforcing the laws against it.

Our wage and hour attorneys are up to date on current federal and state laws, If you believe you have been unpaid or underpaid for work done, or if you think you may be the victim of wage theft, please call us. We can help unravel the complexity and determine if you are owed money. If the law says you are, then we will help you get it.

We have a long record of successful actions on behalf of employees. And we have the resources and expertise to pursue class action lawsuits.