Union Resources

We provide free training workshops to educate our labor union clients’ leaders and members on important legal issues. These hour long workshops are presented by one of our Labor and Employment practice attorneys.

For more information, or to schedule a workshop for your members, contact Tom Doyle.

General Interest Workshops:

Wage and Hour: We address wage and hour issues in a unionized workforce, including: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations, overtime issues, and failure to pay proper wages on time.

Workers’ Compensation: We address workers’ compensation law with advice on how to respond to workplace violations and handle a workplace injury.

Employment Discrimination Issues: We discuss the laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, national origin, and sexual orientation, and how to handle discrimination complaints.

Sexual Harassment: We discuss sexual harassment in the workplace, the current state of the law and how unions can assist members who believe they have been sexually harassed.

Family Medical Leave and Disability Protections: We address worker protections under the Oregon and Federal Family Medical Leave Act. Topics covered include: disability protection, intermittent leave, eligibility, notice, and reinstatement rights.

Military Leave: We address federal protections for employees who are on military leave.

Social Security/PERS Disability: We outline the process and issues associated with Disability benefits available for private and public employees.

Education Employee, Health Care Employee, and Public Employee Workshops:

Child Abuse Reporting: We detail employees’ roles, responsibilities, and risks in reporting of child abuse.

Teacher Non-Renewal, Dismissal and Suspension: We address the finer points of the law concerning non-renewals and dismissals under Oregon law.

Teacher Licensing: We discuss the Teacher Standard Practices Commission, their opinions on misconduct, and the process used by the Commission.

Free Speech: We review court decisions on the free speech rights of public employees, and the use of copyrighted material and other intellectual property.

Public Employee Retirement System (PERS): We provide updates on the most recent developments in the Oregon Public Employer Retirement System and related litigation.

Privacy: We review federal and state laws protecting student (FERPA), patient (HIPAA), and/or employee records.

Nurse Licensing: We review the disciplinary process used by the Oregon State Board of Nursing, do’s and don’ts for interviews, and likely outcomes in disciplinary cases.

Union Leadership Education:

Grievances: We provide union stewards and other local leaders with grievance handling strategies and processes.

Member/Member Conflicts: We discuss best practices and strategies for handling union member versus member conflicts.