About Our Firm

The strength of our communities comes from the people who make them up – young and old, diverse in colors, cultures, and beliefs. Our communities are built by the work we contribute and businesses we create, the families we raise, the young we teach, the disadvantaged we help, and the goodwill we generate together.

That’s who we practice law for – you, the people of our community.

We’re here for you when you face discrimination due to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability or religious beliefs. We’re here for you when you encounter employment, wage, pension or health care difficulties. We’re here for you when you need family and medical leave or cannot work and need disability benefits. We’re here for the unions that represent those of you who produce goods, serve people, teach our children, and care for the disadvantaged. We’re here for the small businessperson trying to create a better life for your family, while providing jobs and services for our community. And we’re here for families when you need help with crucial decisions.

We’re a collaborative team of attorneys, united by a shared belief in justice, who combine our strengths to defend and advance the rights of real people like you. We take your side as you work to create a better life, and we have the depth, breadth, tenacity and drive to keep at it until we get the best possible solutions for you.

From our process to your results, we promise you:

A friendly smile, a willingness to understand, a cup of coffee when you visit.
We’ll treat you as whole people with rich lives, not just a “case”.
We’ll consult with you, not talk at you – we’re here to achieve your goals.