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Your Team of Collaborative Specialists: Breadth and Depth for You

Individually, we are each highly experienced in the areas of law that matter most to real people, unions, families, and small businesses. So your usual experience with us will be working with your personal advocate in the area of your current concern.

But that’s where our resemblance to other law firms ends – and our added advantage for you begins.

We’re a collaborative team, united in our dedication to find the best solutions for you. And that often means combining our skills, knowledge and diverse experiences for your benefit.

While a lot of firms our size focus on one area of law, we know that when you walk through our doors you’re a whole person with a full life, and with different needs at different times. For instance, you may come in as a union representative in negotiation. But when you or members of your union have family, personal injury, health care or other concerns, you’ll find that you already have a great relationship with a team that can help in those areas.

In some cases, you may need an able negotiator. In others, an aggressive litigator. We’re both.

We’re looking forward to meeting and getting to know you. Our bios will tell you about our specialized areas of practice. As you read them, we invite you to remember that all that depth adds up to a lot of collaborative breadth that we’re ready to put to work for you.